Onkel रिजॉर्ट होटल एंटाल्या हवाई अड्डे के स्थानांतरण

Beldibi is a most popular holiday destination in Antalya city. So many holidaymakers make sense their amazing holidays in Beldibi / Kemer.

If you would stay into any Hotels in Beldibi, So, Pre-book your Onkel Resort Hotel Beldibi transfer before you start to travel to Antalya. Early booking will give you oppurtinity to save time and money!

Antalya airport transfer to Beldibi, It is so easy to make an reliable taxi transfer reservation from both international terminals 1 – 2 and domestic of Airport Antalya to/from Beldibi hotels or private villas.

If you have booked Beldibi tennis tournament or Beldibi hotel holidays and looking for a price according to size of your group and travel budget that we will offer you for Beldibi private car transfers with ultra comfortable vehicles for your accommodation in Beldibi Onkel Resort Hotel.

Beldibi airport transfer service by Holiday Transfer Services can get you from the airport to Beldibi Onkel Resort Hotel and vise versa. You will travel with no stress. We are ready to make it sense your unbelievable holiday in Beldibi.

How to go Onkel Resort Hotel from Antalya Airport?

Distance to Onkel Resort Hotel Beldibi from Airport : 42 km

Transfer time for Onkel Resort Hotel Beldibi from Airport: 45 मिनट।

Beldibi Transfer Price: निजी कार के साथ 7 पैक्स अप करने के लिए 30 से € प्रति वाहन शुरू।

आप हमें हमारी वेबसाइट से पहुँच सकते हैं wwwआप antalyatransferसाथ या द्वारा हमसे संपर्क पर +90 530-524-07-07

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